Who is a translator?

It is not enough to speak a foreign language to be a translator. Translating often requires a deep knowledge of a subject (medicine, law, economics), the use of up-to-date software, the ability to understand the client’s needs, the needs of the final reader as well as the purpose of a text.

What is the difference between translators and interpreters?

Translators work with written texts, translating a message in a foreign language into their native tongue. Interpreters deal with spoken language and translate during meetings or conferences.

How is the cost of a translation calculated?

Cost is determined by:

  • size of document (see “How is the length of a text calculated”?)
  • deadline – rush jobs (over 2,000 words per day) are subject to an additional charge of 30% of the basic rate
  • complexity of text (specialty areas)
  • formatting – a PDF file that cannot be converted to a Word file requires additional effort (see “How can we save on translation costs”?).
How can we save on translation costs?

Always send files that can be overwritten if available (.doc, .rtf, .xls, .txt, convertible PDFs, etc.). Source text formats that cannot be edited are subject to a surcharge of 30%.

How is the length of a text calculated?

My rates are calculated per standard line. A standard line contains 55 keystrokes, with spaces. Electronic file volumes are calculated by special programs or through the “Word Count” function of MS Word (Word > Tools > Word Count). Take the total keystroke count (with spaces) and divide it by 55 to get a line count. If the exact line count of the file or documents cannot be obtained, the quotation will be based on an estimate.

How long does it take to translate a document?

A standard turnaround time for a professional translator is about 2,000 words per working day (about 6-7 full pages). Of course a rush service can be provided to meet your deadline, but this will involve an additional charge of 30%.

How can I request a free, non-binding quotation?

You can send me the file you want to translate by e-mail to the address: info@creawriting.com